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Amy's Choice is a small kennel breeding

Jack Russell terriers.The breeding goal is to

breed puppies from healthy parents with super tempe-

ment. Lovely family dogs with FCI pedigree in the 

Danish Kennel Club. 

My dogs are all of the SHORT LEGGED type and one of

my goals are to breed SMOOTH HAIRED Jack Russell terriers.

You may find news, pictures and video on facebook.

I grew up on a small farm where we had dogs, rabbits, bees, cows and horses. I have always had a great love for animals, and in 2006 I met the jack russell terrier Ayla. My friend had bought Ayla and I was lucky to be able to buy a puppy after her - my first Jack Russell terrier - called AMY.

That very day, I fell in love with this breed, and since my best friend is a very experienced breeder, the entrance into this exciting world was made a little easier than if you had been on your own and had to figure it all out by yourself.

I bred my first litter in 2009 and by each birth I'm totally impressed with the amazing work of nature.

I have read and learned a lot through the years, have kennel name and has taken Danish Kennel Club's breeder education.

My breeding goal is to breed smooth haired Jack Russell terriers with short legs. Jack Russell terriers with good temperament, that are able to live long, healthy lives. I have tested my dogs before breeding and all puppies are sold with FCI pedigree from the Danish Kennel Club.

View the photo gallery by clicking on the images. These are some pictures of the dogs through the different seasons.